The Lovers

Millie’s Closet is a New Jersey based band specializing in classic rock covers – music intended to get people dancing, cocktailing and hopefully tipping their bartenders before returning safely to their homes to engage in whatever chicanery may be at hand. Or afoot. Or behind. Or whatever.

The Closet contains: Mike Gaydos on drums, Josh Lincoln on Bass, Chris Pastore on guitars and vocals, Bryan Schait on guitars and vocals, Erin Witte on vocals and percussion, and Paul Witte on vocals and guitars. Everyone in the band has been playing since they were wee little tykes, annoying their families and asking for expensive music equipment (which often breaks, gets stolen or gets left at a bar in Hoboken by accident).

Millie’s Closet has played venues from Boston, MA to Manchester, VT, NYC NY to Newark, NJ and most everywhere in between (even Bethlehem Pennsylvania, The Christmas City!). We also cater to private parties and welcome crowd participation in the form of guest musicians or people bringing us shots. The band offers a turnkey operation – music, sound lights and the potential for witty banter. All we need is some electricity and a place to play. Give us a call and we’ll play anything from a bar, club, restaurant or large minivan. Once we are hired to play a venue, it’s on.